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Mindful combines an event reminder and password manager into one simple application
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25 December 2008

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Schedulers and digital diaries are kept by busy individuals to keep track of their appointments and meetings and remembering important dates related to any personal and professional area. Computer technology has made lots of things easy for us over its advent and has introduced numerous applications to assist users in managing their daily affairs in a simple and effective manner. Out of the diverse count of personal managers, moving a step ahead of many is Mindful that allows the user to monitor their professional and personal commitments easily and with a password facility that enables the information to remain hidden from prying eyes and unsolicited views.

Mindful opens with a smartly arranged interface with the main options located at the top and the to do tasks list below with the date, time and the days left to complete it; and further consists a user account containing all information secured with a password. The software combines all reminders, managers and related tasks into the system tray application that starts off whenever the computer system starts. It helps the user to remember appointments, meetings, statutory holidays, and even bill payments due along with any other events that may occur from time to time. The software contains an in-built holiday list to choose from along with space to define your own events. It also contains password facility that secures the user account and is ready to use as soon as the system starts; besides the complete safety of the user information and event lists.

Mindful is an immensely useful application that caters to people in all spheres of life and hence deserves a rating score of four points for its utility value and stellar performance besides the secure password repository that it offers to its users.

Publisher's description

Mindful combines an event reminder, password manager and many related tools into a simple system tray application.

The event reminder in Mindful helps you remember appointments, meetings, anniversaries, statutory holidays, TV shows, payments due or any other events that occur over time - repeatedly or not - and that you don't want to miss. In addition to defining your own events, Mindful allows you to select from a list of 72 pre-defined events including many Canadian, American and Jewish holidays. You can quickly check your next event due at any time by positioning the mouse pointer over the Mindful icon in the notification area (system tray).
The password manager in Mindful provides a secure central repository for all the logon details for your Internet accounts and password-protected applications. Instead of using the same password over and over, you can use complex passwords that differ between accounts, making it much safer than using the same password everywhere without the need to remember any of them except your master password, which gives you access to your entire list of user accounts. The password manager also includes an auto-logon feature. Mindful allows you to quickly open the link to any of your user accounts' logon page or form, and then complete your logon simply by pressing a global hot key (default is CTRL+SHIFT+L).
Mindful starts automatically each time you start your computer. When minimized, it remains in the notification area (system tray) ready for you to use at any time. From there you can restore it by clicking its icon or by pressing its activation global hot key (default is CTRL+SHIFT+M). When you right-click the Mindful icon in the notification area, a shortcut menu appears with commands to access Mindful's main features and tools directly.
Version 2.0
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